Fourth Cache-off: Logistics

The Measurement Factory

1. Timing

The fourth cache-off is a 5-day long long event, starting November 12, 2001. Working hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 8pm. Performance tests can be run overnight.

Monday will be used primarily for setup and unofficial testing. No performance tests will be started after 8:00pm on Thursday. All participants must clear the premises by 8:00pm on Friday.

Look elsewhere for up-to-date deadlines.

2. Location

The cache-off will be in Boulder, Colorado. The address of the building is:

1712 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80302

NOTE: Do NOT ship your equipment to arrive at this address before November 7! Please see the specific shipping instructions below.

The nearest airport is Denver International Airport. The airport is approximately one hour by car/bus from Boulder.

We recommend staying in one of these hotels.

Access to the cache-off facility will be limited to the cache-off participants (one or two persons per entry) and the Measurement Factory team.

3. Shipping Information

Wednesday, November 7 is the first day that we will be at the Cache-Off location. If your equipment will arrive in Boulder BEFORE November 7, use our office address:

The Measurement Factory, Inc
1200 Pearl Street
Suite 70
Boulder, CO 80302

If your equipment will arrive in Boulder ON or AFTER November 7, use the Cache-Off location address:

The Measurement Factory, Inc
1712 Pearl Steet
Boulder, CO 80302

If your shipment is very large, it will not fit into our office building at 1200 Pearl Street, so make sure that you send it to the Cache-Off location on or after Wednesday, November 7.

If you are arranging to have your equipment picked up by a shipping company, they must pick it up ON or BEFORE Saturday, November 17.

4. On-site amenities

The facility has only one phone line. Please bring cell phones if you plan to make phone calls. We will arrange for Internet access and an 802.11b wireless network. Please bring your laptops.

We intend to organize on-site lunches.

5. TBA

Watch this space for more details...

If you have further specific questions, please write to our info email address.