Fourth Cache-off: Deadlines

TMF Cache-Offs

Date Weeks Before
the Cache-off
May 16
9:00 MDT
26 Organizational meeting in Boulder.
September 11
17:00 MDT
9 Soft Registration. Participants must provide (a) an auto-generated report from a successful PolyMix-4 run or a detailed description explaining why no report can be generated, and (b) a non-refundable deposit of US$5,000. The purpose of the report is prove to Polyteam and the participant that Polygraph can complete the PolyMix-4 run without bugs and/or errors. If a participant has an issue with the PolyMix-4 workload, the Polygraph code, or the documentation, it must be brought to Polyteam's attention by this date, or the complaints may not be considered. The contents of auto-generated reports are kept absolutely confidential by Polyteam.
September 24
17:00 MDT
7 Everything frozen. By this date, all problems brought to light during the ``beta test'' phase must be fixed by Polyteam. After this date, there are to be no changes to the source code and workload parameters. Documentation frozen too?
October 22
17:00 MDT
3 Firm Registration. Participants must pay the full entry fee to Polyteam by this date. Polyteam needs at least three weeks lead time to rent computer and networking equipment.
November 12
08:00 MDT
0 First day of Cacheoff #4. When participants come to the cache-off they must provide an auto-generated polygraph report. This report must be generated between September 25 and November 12. The report must prove you have completed a successful PolyMix-4 run. The first official cache-off test for a participant must be at this same, or lower, peak request rate to ensure that there will be at least one successful run at the cache-off.
December 5
12:00 MDT
  Cache-off report draft released to the participants.
December 10
16:00 MDT
  ``Vendor comments'' sections are due. Vendors may submit official comments to be included into the report. Vendors may also submit private comments, of course. Private comments will be taken into consideration by Polyteam in order to improve the quality of the report.
December 18
13:00 MDT
  Cache-off report released to the public.
January 18   New official PolyMix-4 results can be published for cache-off participants.
February 18   New official PolyMix-4 results can be published for any vendor.